Reading Aloud Technique

Reading Aloud Technique


In this cutting-edge of technology, every person should be educated and acquire knowledge because education is the key to unlocking the world. Education plays a role in the development of fundamental skills such as creativity, decision-making, logical reasoning and problem-solving. There are different methods of teaching and read aloud technique is one of them. Use the read-aloud technique to engage children in their studies.

Which technique does the teacher use to engage the students in a study?


Firstly, begin by Introducing the book. Display to students the book’s cover, the author’s name and the artist’s name. Activate kids’ curiosity, interest, as well as background knowledge.

Read aloud :

Reads aloud from the book. Make certain breaks to give students the chance to engage, converse briefly, interact, and learn a new word.


Invite and encourage student students to discuss the book. Engage them in a pair discussion on the meaning of the text and the essential takeaways from the story.




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